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Waitnsee Magician Breeze 

*** FOR SALE - $12,500 CAD ***

Name: Waitnsee Magician Breeze

Registration: [CAN]14968

Sire: Marv-Ell Esso Magician [CAN]11199

Dam: Ferme Leblanc Boreal Cindy [CAN]6228

DOB: May 26, 2014

Height: 14.3 hands

Weight: 1100 lbs

Barn Name: Breeze

Color: Black (Red Carrier)

DNA Color Test Results: Ee, aa, ND2/ND2

Training: Green broke western, Bareback, Obstacles.

Progeny: Breeze produces amazing, stocky, friendly, and outgoing foals. She has nice old bloodlines and is an exceptional broodmare. Unfortunately, Breeze delivered a stillborn filly around 8:30am on February 20, 2024 at just 9 months of gestation. 

Kitcat Kyng Lost*too*soon (Stillborn filly born on February 20, 2024)

Kitcat Kyng Island-Breeze [CAN]15011

Kitcat Kyng Jett [CAN]15247


        Waitnsee Magician Breeze [CAN]14968 is currently our smallest mare - standing at just under 15 hands. Even though Breeze is small, she is a powerhouse and she has nice heavy bone without sacrificing agility. Breeze has a big personality and tends to be higher in the pecking order. She is broke to ride and completed sixty days of professional under saddle training with SR Horse Training in the winter of 2022 plus an additional 30 day refresher in April 2024.


         Breeze is athletic, smart, sure footed, fast and responsive. She is a zippy little mare that responds very well to leg, seat, and rein aids. She is really light on her feet with very smooth gaits that make her lovely to ride for a more experienced rider. She takes up a lot of leg, and it makes her seem much larger than she actually is. She has amazing ground manners, and is great to lead, tie, load, groom, deworm, saddle, bridle,  etc. She is great for the vet, farrier, and dentist. She is very gentle, and has never required sedation for ultrasounds / pregnancy checks.


           Breeze is well trained, but requires an advanced intermediate or experienced rider because she is very sensitive and she will get nervous if her rider is not confident and balanced. Breeze will only be sold to someone with light hands, quiet legs, and a steady seat. She loves to move out, and would make an exceptional ranch or endurance horse for the right rider. She is NOT SUITABLE FOR INEXPERIENCED RIDERS, and likely never will be. Breeze could make a great "step up horse" for an experience youth wanting a horse for gymcanna, eventing, endurance, or jumping. She has been ridden primarily western, but really could go in any direction.


       Waitnsee Magician Breeze [CAN]14968 was confirmed in foal to Prairie Creek Fonzorelli Kyng [CAN]8828 and was supposed to be due in late April to early May 2024. This foal would have been our very last Kitcat Kyng baby as we sold "Fonzi" to an amazing home in Ontario.  Unfortunately Breeze delivered a stillborn filly on the morning of February 20, 2024. We knew last year that we would be making some major changes to our breeding program going forward, and we had already planned on selling Breeze in the fall after her foal was weaned. However, with Breeze losing her foal this spring, she will now be available after May 1, 2024. We would ideally be looking for Breeze to go to a home where they will use her as a riding horse, and allow her to produce a few more registered Canadian horse foals. 


        We are currently asking $12,500 CAD for Breeze. Her price will continue to increase as she gains more miles and experience under saddle. Please contact us if you think you may be able to offer Breeze an outstanding and experienced home.

Waitnsee Magician Breeze (FOR SALE)

Waitnsee Magician Breeze (FOR SALE)

Waitnsee Magician Breeze (FOR SALE)
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Waitnsee Magician Breeze April 22, 2024
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Waitnsee Magician Breeze April 22, 2024

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Waitnsee Magician Breeze April 22, 2024 part 2

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Waitnsee Magician Breeze April 22, 2024 part 3

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