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       This page is dedicated to the Canadian horse foals that have been born at Kitcat Canadians since 2019. Some are still a part of our ​herd, and others have gone on to join new families. As a small breeder, our goal is to produce a few​ well bred, high quality foals per year. We give our horses the best possible care, and our focus is on having our horses live a great, natural lifestyle while keeping them up to date on vaccinations, deworming, natural performance hoof care, de​ntal work, chiropractic, and massage. Our horses live in a herd environment, with plenty of wide open space to roam. Our foals are all imprinted at birth and handled daily. 


    Our goal is to have every one of our foals trained to go through the obstacle course by the time they are a few months old. We teach our babies to have good ground manners including picking up their feet, going out alone, coming when called, loading in step up and ramp style trailers, and standing quietly for the vet, deworming, and vaccinations. All of our foals are halter trained, and fully registered (including microchip and DNA) before they go to their new homes.


    We take pride in our horses, and strive to place our foals in suitable homes at weaning. If you are interested in purchasing a foal from us in the future, please feel free to contact us. For more information about each foal, please click on their link below:

Kitcat Canadians Foal Gallery

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