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Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction! 

     Here at Kitcat Canadians, we want the absolute best experience for our horses and our clients! We always try our hardest to match each horse we sell with the perfect home for them and we know that what is right for one horse, may not always be right for another. We understand that our sales and breeding customers have unique needs, wants, and goals so we work with our clients to do what we can to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.


     We accurately represent our mares, stallions, and foals and we are always happy to provide plenty of pictures, videos, and ongoing information about all of our horses before, during, and after the transaction. We believe in full disclosure and having an open line of communication.We do our best to reply quickly to inquiries, and to work with our customers to make sure its a great experience. We love getting updates about our horses, and we enjoy staying in touch with our customers to ensure they know we really do care!

    This is what some of our customers and clients have had to say about their experience with Kitcat Canadians :

    Jessica & Dalton H.
Washington, USA
Purchased Kitcat Kyng Ivan in 2021, and his full brother Kitcat Kyng Journey in 2022.

         "My first encounter with Catherine from Kitcat Canadians was very pleasant. She answered every single question I could have possibly thrown at her. Her care and attentiveness not only to the foal (Ivan) I bought but also to the communication that I received from her on a regular basis was by far above the rest. She sent me regular updates and pictures without me having to ask. Anytime anything with Ivan was done, from simple halter training to vet and farrier appointments she communicated with me and sent me pictures. 


         Being in the USA there were many things needing to be done to get Ivan home. Catherine was amazing helping me every step of the way to make sure there would be no problems. When it was time for Ivan to come home, she checked on him and communicated with me. It was the easiest and smoothest process I could have imagined. 


        The best part was Ivan was everything she said and more. All the work and training she said they did was beyond evident. Local horse trainers were surprised. I was so impressed with every piece of this process (from paperwork to help with transportation to vets, to working with Ivan), that when she posted she would have more foals the next year my husband was on board. We put a deposit down and waited. 


        Every step of the second time was the same. Absolutely perfect and done with ease and clear communication. We still keep in touch. One can tell the pride and love that Catherine and Jasen put into these horses. I would recommend Kitcat Canadians to anyone, and I do regularly."

Kitcat Kyng Ivan
Kitcat Kyng Journey
Kitcat Kyng Ivan now
Kitcat Kyng Journey now
Angelina P. - Iron Mountain Canadians
Okotoks, Alberta, Canada
Breeding Client in 2022/2023
        "I first contacted Catherine at Kitcat Canadians in May of 2022 to inquire about breeding my mare Timber (1/2 QH, 1/2 Percheron) to her stallion Prairie Creek Fonzorelli Kyng. She responded immediately that day and since then all communication has been phenomenal! She is so easy to talk to, friendly, and informative. My 10 year old mare was a maiden and was not very nice or cooperative with her stud, so Catherine gave me the option of trying her other stallion Storybook Kurt Wyoming. We had no luck getting Timber pregnant with two cycles and it was getting late in the season so Catherine agreed to let us bring Timber back early in the spring of 2023 to try again. It was successful our first try and confirmed with ultrasound that Timber was pregnant!
      I was so impressed with every step of this experience. Catherine's contract was very well laid out, clear, and precise and left nothing to question. I was never worried about Timber while in their care. I was given daily messages and updates including photos and videos which I was not expecting and so happy to receive. Whenever I had any questions or concerns, Catherine was very quick to respond and I was never left waiting to hear back from her. 
    When I arrived, Catherine was happy to show me around the farm, allow me to meet all of her horses,  and show me where Timber was going to stay. I could see the horses were well taken care of and her facility was clean and well cared for. They take pride in what they do and they clearly love the animals that they have. I was so impressed with both of their stallions! They were both beautiful, in good health, calm and so gentle with Timber even when she wasn't being very cooperative (she had to learn to get used to the idea that it was "okay to get bred).
    Catherine is very clear on what's expected from you and your mare before breeding, what's happening when your mare is at their facility being bred, and even after your mare goes home - she is checking up to see how your mare is doing. Once Timber was confirmed in foal, Catherine promptly sent over the application forms for the CAN ID program so that I would have them when Timber foals.
    Catherine is so organized and efficient - I love it! Her communication is stellar and you can really tell that she cares about her horses, your horse, and her business of breeding. She was professional to deal with and I am so glad that we were able to successfully get Timber in foal. I am happy to recommend Kitcat Canadians to anyone looking for a great Canadian Breeder. She has two gorgeous stallions that are so calm and have great personalities! Thank you so much for a great experience all around! "
Storybook Kurt Wyoming
      Caroline B. - Paixsage Canadians
Northern British Columbia, Canada
Purchased Courage Dokai J-Roc in 2022
   "I cannot say enough about my experience dealing with Kitcat Canadians! Professional and courteous from beginning to end, they communicated well and helped me with everything along the way.
     When I first began inquiring about J-Roc, I received prompt and informative replies. The communication remained consistent and very positive as the deal progressed. I was given extensive information and lots of videos and photos of J-Roc, as well as photos and information on both parents. They included some very impressive videos of J-Roc working over their amazing obstacle playground as well, which gave me confidence in their horse handling as well as in J-Rocs presence of mind.
      They really worked to give me a full picture of who my horse was. This was greatly appreciated since I had no way of meeting him pre-purchase due to my very northern location. I really felt comfortable with them, like I was dealing with a friend!
      Pricing was fair, and paperwork went smoothly. When the time came to ship, they even found a better alternative than the hauler I had lined up. They saved me money and time, and the hauler they recommended delivered my new baby in a timely and comfortable manner. He was very well taken care of. Catherine even sent a collection of printed baby photos of J-Roc! 
     After delivery, Kitcat Canadians have checked in with me several times to see how we are doing, and they have been happy to supply me with further information regarding both J-Roc and his parents. I greatly appreciate their efforts, and am continually impressed by how much they clearly care about their horses. Highly recommend!"
Courage Dokai J-Roc
Courage Dokai J-Roc at 3 months
Courage Dokai J-roc as a foal
    Pam G.
Central Alberta, Canada
Purchased our Clydesdale x Shire mare Dixie - September 2022
     " My experience with Kitcat Canadians was all that anyone purchasing a horse sight unseen could ask for! Right from the first correspondence to this day!
     We talked often on the phone. Requests for pictures were answered quickly with bonus videos. There was a very open line of communication at all times during our transaction so by the time they delivered my girl, it was like I was buying from friends.
      I honestly couldn't be happier with my Dixie! She's everything they said she was and more! I would whole heartedly recommend Kitcat Canadians to anyone looking for their new equine companion. You can tell immediately that these horses are raised with love and kindness."
Clydesdale x Shire mare - Dixie
Dixie (SOLD)
    Janet L. - Sentinel's Canadian Horses
West Kootenays, British Columbia, Canada
Purchased Cache Phenom Xiss - July 2023

       "My dealings with Catherine and Jasen were nothing short of excellent. Even though I am new to the horse world, I have been involved in high performance dog training for many years and have purchased and raised several German Shepherds. Therefore, I have had dealings with breeders before and can tell when one is truly caring about the welfare of their animal as Catherine and Jasen proved themselves to be. They availed themselves of my many phone calls and enquiries, providing patient answers and advice along with transportation solutions for Xiss’s relocation to my property.  


      Xiss arrived safely with Catherine and Jasen on Canada Day - how befitting! They helped acclimate her to the new surroundings, spending time with us while explaining about her training and needs. It was obvious how hard it was for them to bid farewell to this mare – that’s the kind of caring and love they give their horses! Xiss has settled into her new place very well, bonding strongly with my Belgian X gelding, and has showed herself to be a very gentle, sensitive and willing horse. She has been all she was said to be, with no surprises either health or behaviour-wise.   


      I have discussed plans with Catherine of purchasing another mare for riding/breeding. As familiar as I am with reading pedigrees, I don’t have knowledge about individual Canadian horses and appreciate Catherine's input and advice. Our relationship has developed into one of friendship and I consider Catherine to be my mentor in the Canadian and horse world. I am truly grateful to Catherine and Jasen, and very happy they entrusted us to provide a good home for Xiss."


Cache Phenom Xiss
    Erin T. &  Brian S.
Washington, USA
Purchased LDR Ghost Roxi - September 2023
     Coming Soon! 
LDR Ghost Roxi
    John H. and Alexis A.
Oregon, USA
Founders of Storybook Horse Farms in Oregon, USA
Purchased Kitcat Kyng Jett in 2022, Kitcat Wyoming Krash in 2023, and Kitcat Wyoming Klutch in 2024!
     Coming Soon!
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